• Are you force-fitting your employees?
  • Finding difficult to pick the right candidates for the right job?
  • Need to promote and want Objective decision to be made?
  • Want to establish as Competent driven organization with quality employee?

We have the right solution for you. Take a look at our wide range of services or simply reach us, we are waiting to help you.
We extend a comprehensive HRD support to your organization including talent management, identifying the fast trackers, directing the spotlight to the right employees, deciding on the right kind of policies towards employees.
We help your firm clearly define the problems and evolve the appropriate remedial measures and solutions to pave way for future and succession planning, predicting future performance and implementing the right kind of strategies for more productivity.

Psychometric Tests


The portfolio of our Psychometric Tests explore the areas of Ability, Personality, Aptitude, Intelligence, Memory and Motivation. Our Tools are deployed by the organizations for :

  • Candidate Profiling: To find the right candidate for the required role using the tests that are uniquely customized to suit the candidate fitment to the role & organization
  • As part of organisation’s internal promotion process that help them objectively scan the best person to move up to the next level
  • As part of their Training Need Analysis to help the employees grow up the ladder & serve the organization better with appropriate training

Job Description/KRA/KPI


We support organization to formulate Job description, KRA’s & KPI’s in order :

  • To provide clear description of role to the job applicants
  • To clarify employer expectations for employee
  • To provide basis of measuring job performance
  • To enable formulation of behavioural and skill set requirements per role



We offer various types of Surveys to gather insights & perspectives at an individual, team & Organization level such as :

  • Multi Rater Feedback Survey/360 Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Motivation Survey
  • Exit Survey

Competency Framework Development

Our experience of having worked with various organizations and the resulting expertise has made us effective in the area of Competency Development. Our Competency framework link Company Objectives and Personal Performance to provide a highly reliable solution to the overall organization.
Competencies work along with the foundation of the organization that are user-friendly & easily combined/aligned with the Hiring Process, Appraisals, Promotions& Development. Our approach to Competency Framework Development is as below:

  • Once Competency Framework is developed, Organization can use this to work ahead in the following areas such as:

    Bull Icon    To analyze the talent pool of competent employees available in the Organization Bull Icon    To evaluate & select the best pool of candidates for the role Bull Icon    To provide Individual/Organizational growth plan Bull Icon    To categorize employees & work towards future development Bull Icon    To drive at Individual Development Plan with the help of Assessment & Development Centre Bull Icon    To recognize Talent from their performance & growth achieved.

Assessment And Development Centre (ADC)


Assessment & Development Centre is a robust process wherein a group of participants undertake a series of job-related exercises under observation, so that skills, competencies, and character traits can be assessed and development areas can be identified.
We design specific modules according to the need of each organization such that it fits rightly to produce the accurate results. Our Assessment/ Development Centre can be spread over half a day/One Full day/ Two day session depending upon the need & requirement.

  • Some of the tools to be used during the implementation of Assessment /Development Centre fall under the below four categories:


    We custom design the ADC Tools relevant to the business situation. Our Unique methodology is as per the following:


    Using the ADC service Organizations will benefit:

    Bull Icon    Hiring the right pool of candidates Bull Icon    Knowing the potential of the existing employees Bull Icon    Assessing the employees against the current level they are at Bull Icon    Taking an objective decision on Internal Promotion Bull Icon    Linking the results to Performance Management System, Appraisal Bull Icon    Identification of Skill Gaps in the organization

Competency Based Interviews


Past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. Our STAR Technique based CBI helps to collect deeper insights of information that helps us assess the individual against the required competencies. We work with organizations by conducting CBI:

  • As part of their Campus hiring/ Selection Process
  • As part of their Internal Promotion
  • As part of Objective evaluation process