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We are proud to announce our partnership with The Devine Group –US based International Expert in Psychometric Assessment and Talent Management Solutions.
For over 46 years,The Devine Group has helped thousands of clients strengthen their organizations through the assessment tools. The Devine Group has global wide presence and its talent management - assessment solutions, experience and industry-leading practices is now in India, to continue to help companies reduce costs, increase revenues and optimize productivity.
The Devine Group provides clients with human resource tools that span the employee life cycle, including Talent Acquisition, Development and Planning, and Performance Management.
By leveraging our Personality assessment tools, Aptitude Tests, 360 Survey, Job Satisfaction Survey, Team /Culture Assessment, with state-of-the-art statistical analysis techniques, we can estimate the performance and turnover improvement potential of both future and existing employees, saving our clients time and money on hiring and training expenses. Our team consists of accredited and certified staff in the areas of I/O Psychology.

Devine group Assessment tools and Solutions

Focus Areas Assessment Tools
Selection Devine Hourly Selection- High Volume Entry
Devine Critical Thinking, Devine Math & Reading
Devine Salaried Selection™ - Low to Medium Level
Devine Hourly Selection- High Volume Entry
Development Devine Hourly Development™ - Entry Level
Devine Inventory Develop™,Devine 360™, Devine Exit Survey, Devine Coach™ - All Levels
Sales-Selection and Development Hiring Sales™,DI Sales Development ™,DI Sales Team™,DI Sales Team Score card™
Teame valuations and development DI Team™,DI Team Analysis™,DI Team Score card™,DI Team Culture™



  • Readily available, well-researched Psychometric Tools & Techniques
  • Globally tested and proven to predict on the job performance
  • Completely customizable assessment suite
  • Backed by full time support of Certified Consultants who understands pain points, challenges and objectives of your organization
  • Competitive pricing

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